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Established since 1979, Azad Electricals is growing and moving forward, using cutting edge technology and e-commerce. With over 35 years experience and extensive travelling, it is one of London's Independent suppliers, bringing you the best lighting and electrical products available, at great value for money. Some of our products include Smoke alarms, ceiling lights, like pendants flush semi flush lights and of course wall lights and table lamps to match, and not forgetting the outdoor lighting selection. We have been in the retail, trade and wholesale industry for years, and have built a successful business based on our quality of products and services. We aim for a fast and efficient delivery service, direct to your home / workplace, of our huge range of products. We also offer qualified lighting engineers who will design and plan complete lighting specifications for shops, factories, offices etc. We are very much aware of today's development in contemporary design and home fashion and also of our customers' requirements where a traditional style is preferred. Our understanding of today's market gives Azad Electricals the confidence to recommend our catalogue. We have over 10,000 lighting, electrical and associated products to view and you will be spoilt for choice with our huge range of indoor & outdoor lighting. We also have an extensive list of switches and sockets in many colour finishes. These products are offered from most manufacturers. We have a team of experienced Sales Executives who are fully supported by a dedicated, responsive team committed to providing an exceptional level of service. As an AZAD customer you will always enjoy exceptional customer service!


About Baufritz Based in Girton near Cambridge, Baufritz uses only timber construction to create ecological and healthy homes. Their vision is to build homes that combine an unrivalled level of comfort and luxury with an abundance of natural materials. Every Baufritz home is different as each one is individually designed through collaboration with one of their in-house architects and interior design specialists.Baufritz is committed to building homes that minimise adverse effects on both the environment and the well-being of those who occupy them. As timber is a renewable resource, it means that by owning a Baufritz house, nature’s cycle is preserved. The company supports national and European reforestation programmes and ensures that the environment is protected throughout the building process of each house. Baufritz does not use chemically treated building materials and makes regular tests to ensure they are not present.  A family run company that has been building beautiful timber framedhouses in Germany for more than a century, Baufritz has built a reputation for exceptional quality and reliability and has been building houses in the UK for over a decade. All houses are prefabricated at their state of the art factory in Erkheim, Germany and constructed using teams of highly skilled German craftsmen.  The process is extremely efficient with the initial on site structure being completed in just one or two days. The fast design and purchasing period ensures swift completion within nine to twelve months, although timings will vary according to the clients’ specification. By comparison, a traditional house made of bricks and mortar would take approximately three times as long to build.www.baufritz.co.ukCarbon Positive An average Baufritz house is carbon positive to the extent that each house locks away at least 50 tones more CO2 than is emitted during its construction and manufacture (including transportation emissions and those from the running of the house for the first 5-10 years). The CO2 calculation is measured using a recognised independent German system developed by Professor Koenig which takes into account carbon emissions from the very start of the process to include the manufacture, construction and transportation of the house. Baufritz was the first German construction company to take the independent ‘EU Eco Audit’ in 1996, which it has passed every time to date (this audit measures and monitors all emissions resulting from the manufacturing and construction process).


Comfort Warmfloors Ltd Hydronic Underfloor Heating Comfort Warmfloors Ltd provide the complete underfloor heating solution, supporting projects at design, concept and feasibility stage through to installation and completion for a consistent, care-free service.  Our estimating and design team offer both specification or self-specification proposals along with a value engineering service. We may be able to find large savings to help budgetary requirements and ultimately support our clients to cost, save and secure projects. Our experienced technical sales team are happy to attend any specification or site meetings to advise on system selection and functionality and support your UFH offering. Once a project is completed and floors cured, our installation team will return to site to fully commission the system. With over 120 floor solutions the Comfort Warmfloors range is one of the most extensive offerings in the UK splitting the multiple floor systems into 5 main categories: screed, timber, floating, overlay and bespoke. CWF’s range has been compiled and collated with some of the world’s best recognised manufacturers of underfloor heating and climate control products. Many of the UK’s leading UFH manufacturers have extensive system offerings but are restricted by their own products and often cannot supply a solution for every eventuality. CWF systems are consolidated, multi-manufacturer systems designed to offer ultimate un-restricted solutions. Comfort Warmfloors Swedish Electric Underfloor Heating Comfort Warmfloors Ltd are the sole UK distributor for the Swedish, premium brand, Ebeco underfloor range. Electric underfloor heating can work in two ways, either as an independent heating system or as a complement to wet UFH. They work through heating cables installed in mats or coils across the floor area. A thin layer of flooring compound is placed over heating coils for protection onto which the finished floor can then be laid. For an energy-efficient system, an insulation layer is recommended below the heating cable. The temperature is then controlled by floor probes and thermostats. As well as being ideally suited to bathrooms and kitchens, electric underfloor heating is very often the answer for house renovations and building extensions due to the low height build up. Electric underfloor heating is an efficient source of heat with low carbon dioxide emissions. Our Energy Saver products give you a speedy system that is only used when it is needed. Radiators are usually turned off during the warm period of the year and this can mean that tiled floors in kitchens or bathrooms can be cold even in the summer months. With electric underfloor heating you can choose to keep those areas warm all year round. Electric underfloor heating is a great option if you want a flexible heating system and can often be a cost effective and simple solution. Underfloor Heating Projects Whether you want to heat a bathroom, whole house or block of apartments contact the Comfort Warmfloors team to assist in your design. Our helpful support team offer advice and a free quotation service.