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Since 1973, Idealcombi has been developing windows and doors on the Danish west coast – where it is windier, colder and rains more than in any other part of Denmark. We call it “Denmark’s toughest test lab”. Developing to this harsh coastal environment ensures our products are amongst the best on the market.
Our focus has always been on quality in everything we do, good craftsmanship and beautiful aesthetics – as well as always striving to exceed current and future Danish building regulation. This automatically takes us many years ahead of the UK building regs.

Going that extra mile in the development of our windows means we were the first to utilise idealcore™ in our windows. The use of idealcore™ solves several problems that we found in traditional composite window designs; 1) Water will not damage the imperishable idealcore™ frame rebate. 2) The idealcore™ has twice the insulating properties of traditional composite materials and timber, making it ideal as a thermal break. 3) Dirt and bugs have no drainage holes or cavities to hide in. All these lead to a longer lifespan which in turn leads to 4) Reduced need to replace the window frames.

The use of idealcore™ means we are now expecting 70+ years from our windows, with correct maintenance of course. This means your next windows will be the last windows you buy!

As a family owned and run company, we are very focussed on supporting and being a part of our local community. Idealcombi runs the largest window factory in Denmark and we are aware that we are an important part of the very rural area on the Danish west coast, employing over 500 people locally.

At Idealcombi we wish to bring better windows to the British self-builders and renovators, so they can build better homes. We don’t just supply your windows, we strive to help you get the solution that fit your dream home, and we are here to guide you all the way from quotation to installation and beyond.
We are continuously working on improving the window buying process to make it a less stressful part of your self-build/renovation project. 

The Idealcombi products are split into traditional and contemporary windows. The traditional series Frame IC and Nation IC are flush casement windows with a frame and a sash.

Our contemporary windows in the Futura+ series are “frameless”, powder coated aluminium windows with 53 mm slim sightlines and a variety of opening functions. Our inward opening Futura+i is a unique offering on the market, as it matches the 53 mm slim sightlines of the Futura+ range but opens inward. This means you can mix inward opening windows with outward opening without compromising on the aesthetic design of your build.